High-quality specialty merchandise Est. 2020

High-quality multifunctional bandanas with all-over print for bands, brands and events

People call them neck gaiters, tube scarfs, snoods or simply neck-wear too.

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As Seen At Webstores Of

So far we have manufactured for Aisa Music (CH/US), Animate Records (DE), Benediction (UK), Brutality (US), Cradle Of Filth (UK), Devin Townsend (CA), Draconian (SE), Haken (UK), Hate (PL), Kampfar (NO), Katatonia (SE), Master (US), Meshuggah (SE), Obscene Extreme Fest (CZ), Omerch (UK), Party.San Open Air Fest/Cudgel (DE), Swallow The Sun (SE), The Selecter (UK), Wardruna (NO), Wednesday 13 (US) and many more respected bands, brands and events.



Common usage alternatives include dust mask, scarf, hairband, headband, hairgrip, cap, balaklava, armband and more.

Technical Specifications

100% Microfiber
Natural Elasticity
UV Protection

Manufactured to last long from premium quality 100% polyester microfiber fabric (0% lycra) with no stitches and can be washed and ironed.

25 by 50 cm (9.8 by 19.6 inches) dimensions ensure multifunctionality and comfort.

Oeko-Tex/NEP 1603 Nissenken certified ecologically responsible textile manufacture.

Fan-owned operation with over 6 years of experience.

Production & Delivery

We manufacture within 1 to 3 days and deliver within 1-2 days to anywhere in Europe and 1-4 days in North America and rest of the world via UPS Express.

We are capable of fulfilling orders of any size from scheduled mass productions to smaller orders for boutique brands.

All orders are manufactured, inspected and packed in-house by our dedicated and experienced production crew.

All products are manufactured in and shipped out from Turkey.

Each product comes packed in a transparent individual plastic packaging and weights about 38 gram/1,34 oz each.

Multiple promotional mockup images are provided for each design that you may use on your webstore.

How To Order

Simply e-mail your location, company name and number of pieces you'd like to order to get a quote.

We guarantee to provide the best quality and exceptional service for the best prices!

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Design Specifications

The measurement for the design is 27x52 cm (10.6"x20.5"), including 1 cm (0.4") trim area and 1 cm (0.4") bleed area on each side in high resolution and CMYK colors.

We can always help with the design if you'd like to make sure that it is suitable for high-quality production.

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Any Questions?

Feel free to hit us up at hello@104tex.co if you think your fans will enjoy our multifunctional bandanas or if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest in our product!

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